This is a blog to share my excitement about the wonderful world of non-duality.

In a nutshell: many religious and philosophical traditions offer the insight that “we” are not separate from “the world.” There is no isolated little self in here, trying to manage itself and its environment.

Rather, there is just a unitary process that happens spontaneously and without division.

In recent times, many powerful voices have articulated this insight. I have learnt a great deal from them. I would like to connect with others interested in this most interesting question of all: do I exist in the way I think I do?

Hoping to have some exciting conversations,


Some insights/thinkers who have helped me become clear:

The Headless Way: Douglas Harding, the author of numerous books, including the classic On Having No Head, has been a great influence on me for the past few years.

His radical “method” is simply the noticing of the absence of the “looker” in any situation. The most direct way to realise this, Harding observes, is to notice the absence of our own head, or face, or centre, at any time. There is only the world presenting itself to us. And this world includes so-called “internal” thoughts and feelings.

This noticing can bring about an immense sense of lightness and relief.

Tony Parsons: Tony was the one who blew away many concepts for me: the concept of improvement, of doer ship, of there being a subtle self in here who could observe what was happening “within.” Listening to him was a real shock and the experience left me quite empty and miserable! But it was fascinating to hear him and I kept returning for more, because I sensed lightness at the heart of his vision, not nihilism. Richard Sylvester too gave a similar message, with deadpan wit and irony.

Darryl Bailey: Darryl is a gentle and sophisticated communicator. His focus is on the mysterious unfolding of things, with no “doer” making stuff happen. Quite amazing work which touched me deeply. Along with the others above, I will be referring to his writings and talks frequently in this blog.

J Krishnamurti: My “journey” began with Krishnamurti, whose questions and insights have had a formative impact on me. I return to him after reading the works of others, and I am beginning to understand how easy it is to misunderstand him!