Many mystics suggest that “nothing is happening,” or that “this is emptiness manifesting as fullness and it is un-knowable.”

Some recent scientific theories suggest that what we see around is is not “real” in any sense. In fact, they go further to propose that evolution by natural selection has hidden “reality” from our eyes (Donald Hoffman endorses this idea strongly). Space and time are human constructs, as are the seemingly “objective” objects that have their being in them. Fitness beats truth, in thse sense that we have not evolved to see reality. We have evolved to gain fitness payoffs that will get our genes into the next generation.

Hoffman goes even further in proposing that consciousness is the fundamental basis of reality.

I find the confluence of these threads very exciting. More in following posts

Giving up effort

“As a dreamer it seems convincing that you are an individual who can make an effort to get from A to B. In reality there is no you and no A or B. But going even deeper than that, there is no-one that can make an effort and there is no-one that can give up seeming to make an effort. ”

Tony Parsons. “Nothing Being Everything”.

When I first came across the “message” of non-dualism, it was a rude shock. I had spent a “long time,” “many years,” in trying to pay attention to myself and my surroundings, understand myself better, come to a state of peace and calm, improve my psychological state, have more compassion and … the list is already quite long.

When I read statements like the one above by Tony, then I began to “give up effort.” And this led to my second rude shock. I can’t really either acquire or give up anything. The one to whom acquisition and renunciation is happening is a dreamer.

There is only the flow of life and experience. This is essentially undefinable. Thought and the dreamt thinker may try to make sense of the flow, apply labels to the flow. But do labels really capture reality?

Just as much as striving is of no avail, giving up striving is of no avail either. There is only what is.